I like to introduce you here to the World of Walter Spies- paintings he created in Bali. He was German but born in 1895 in Moskow, went to Java first and in 1927 to Bali. He was very influential on the Balines art scene as he pointed out the unique and authentic tradition of the island and cooperated intensly with the local artists. He encouraged them to go beyond religious and traditional boundaries within art. He inspired them depicting everyday life scenes and not only themes rooted in the HINDU MYTHOLOGY.

He has been friends with the German filmmaker FRIEDRICH MURNAU, the writer VICKY BAUM,the anthropologist MARGRET MEAD,writer , artist MIGUEL AND ROSE COVARRUBIAS, musican COLIN MC PHEE, ARON COPLAND and has been hosting famous people from around the world visiting Bali in the 30ies like CHARLIE CHAPLIN, who was one of his collectors.

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