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The web site is jointly produced by Wolfgang Widmoser and the Ladybamboo Foundation, Ubud. The web site receives sponsorship from the Ladybamboo Villa..

Ladybamboo Villa covers not only most of the web site cost, but provided the natural environment, in which the creativity needed for developing this web site could blossom.

A special thanks to
Mark Ulyseas, who has contributed the fotos of Wolfgang and his family to this site.

Wolfgang Wodmoser and family
Diana, Aura und Wolfgang Widmoser, Ubud, Bali 2007

  • Wolfgang Widmoser Wolfgang Widmoser, Austrian artist born in Munich and living in Ubud, Bali. Official website with Balinese heads, water lilis, Papuan faces, abstracts and still lifes
  • Rotating Faces of Ubud Ubud painter Wolfgang Widmoser explores exiting and unknown territories with his recent virtual-realistic paintings of Ubud and Bali Girls heads attest.
    • Resting Faces Ubud painter Wolfgang Widmoser explores exiting and unknown territories with his recent virtual-realistic paintings of Ubud and Bali Girls faces attest.
  • Rotating Nympheas Wolfgang Widmoser Rotating Nympheas - his newest and best series of paintings
    • Nympheas Stills Nympheas: Wolfgang Widmoser dive into the world of water-lilies. My Ubud Nymphea Dian puts two bowls with waterplants in my garden and I start fascinated to explore these worlds.
    • Can't get enough In one of the most productive phases in his artist life Wolfgang Widmoser has produced an impressive series of more than 50 'Nympheas'. Here a postcard view of the collection not in display here.
  • Rotating Gods Wolf about Pleadians: Looking at the images of Papua-New-Guineee hilltribefaces I became aware of my own archetypal constellations. We are the desert and the forest, the mountain and the fire, our skin bears the history of the cosmos, shows protuberances like the surface of the sun.
    • Resting Gods Wolfgang Widmoser is painting for years now the images of men and woman from Papua with a sometimes painful intensity. Stefan Reisner
  • Rotating Still Lifes Wolf on Energy of the object
    • Still Still Lifes Wolfgang Widmoser still life: Timeless quality of beauty curls like a shell around its own centre, unravels in the wake of storms and moon to sink slowly into the deep...
  • Virtual Abstracts Having a close look at my palette, fresh and dried areas of oil-colour, I thought to take a photograph with a high resolution digital camera. Soon I was amazed what this magnifying glass revealed
    • Abstract Realism Stills Considered a phantastic-realist painter Wolfgang Widmoser thought of himself more of an -Abstract- There it was: everything I ever could imagine contained in a square-centimetre of my palette. Abstract Realism was born.
  • Past Performances Wolfgang Widmoser SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: 1979 Gallery Rutzmoser (Munich) - 1985 Arte alla Riva (Ascona) - 1986 Gallery Rutzmoser - 1989 Qdos Lorne (Australia) - 2004 Biasa Gallery (Bali) - 2004 Raka Museum (Bali)
    • Exhibitions Stills Wolfgang Widmoser: Paintings in display at exhibitions from the 70's till today. All paintings available via the Tony Raka Gallery Mas, Ubud, Bali.
  • Meet the Artist Contact Wolfgang Widmoser, to be used by art lovers and gallerists alike
  • About us Home of Wolfgang Widmoser. Ubud is the art center of Bali with famous artists and paintings. Traditional dance performances, Ladybamboo, Ubud is centrally located on Bali.