Paintings in display at exhibitions from the 70's till today

1954 Born in Munich
1973-78 Studies of Renaissance-Painting-Technics with Prof. Ernst Fuchs(Vienna) and Salvador Dali (Cadaques).
1974-till today: Exhibitions in Europe, Asia and Australia.
1993-2003 Concepts of architectural structures using bamboo
1987-till today: Lives and works in Bali

All paintings on this website except mentioned otherwise are available via the Tony Raka Gallery Mas, Ubud, Bali. The Gallery can be contacted via the contact form on these pages.
The Voyage

Exhibition in Gallery Rutzmoser Munich 1979
The Voyage - 1975 Switzerland
100x62 cm, oil on canvas

Pope Innozenz in the desert

Exhibition in Gallery Rutzmoser 1986
Pope Innozenz in the desert - 1978
100x62 cm, oil on canvas

Goethe in Weimar

Exhibition in Gallery Rutzmoser 1986
Goethe in Weimar - 1978 Switzerland
62x100 cm, oil on canvas

Di Tengah Keajaiban

Exhibition in Qdos Lorne Australia 1989
Di Tengah Keajaiban - 1987 Australia
112x180 cm, oil on canvas


Exhibition in Arte alla Riva Ascona 1985
Constellation - 1987 Italy
125x90 cm, oil on canvas


1987 1st Price at Artfair in Sienna (Italy)
Giglio - 1989 Toscana, Italy
135x85 cm, oil on canvas

Ricefield Jatiluwih

Exhibition in Tony Raka Gallery 2002
Ricefield - 2002 Jatiluwih, Bali
120x80 cm, oil on canvas

happy hour 180x112cm

Exhibition in Agung Rai, Ubud, Bali Berlinale 2006
Happy Hour - 2003 Ubud,Bali
155x125 cm, oil on canvas

Air Suci Venus

Exhibition in Tony Raka Gallery 2004
Air Suci Venus - 2004 Ubud,Bali
125x155 cm, oil on canvas


Exhibition in Biasa Gallery, Legian, Bali 2004
Hecate - 2003 Ubud,Bali
80x100cm, oil on canvas