Artful Dining at Lamak
Premiere Restaurant in Ubud - Bali

Photos by Rio Helmi

Serving International and Asian Fare

Lamak's kitchen offers Balinese, Indonesian, Asian and international food. Serving from separate a la carte menus for lunch and dinner, chef Ifah's Rusdianwati's dishes retain the flavorful origins of the cuisine, whether it is pasta, French or Asian. Where the fare takes a turn is employing regional touches to traditional dishes. This is not fusion food by any means. Chicken Kiev maintains its integrity, although wrapped in skins. Chili Marinated Prawns stand out on their bed of Green Papaya Relish. Brulee is still brule, with a hint of orange and ginger.

The restaurant owners started out to build a noodle shop in a very strategic location along Ubud's Monkey Forest Road. Approaching Made Wijaya to share their ideas, a new spin was put on the concept. An eclectic style developed through an evolution of ideas, yielding something traditional with a very new twist.

True to its very traditional Balinese name (lamak is a carefully crafted element of sacred offerings, so intricate that it is rarely created in the fast pace of today's Balinese Hindu life), the restaurant incorporates local wood, stone, textiles and images. Yet they are spun into something so modern as to be breathtaking.


Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm, pick-up service within the Ubud area.
Like to have a look around Lamak?
Monkey Forest Road, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Telephone : (62 361) 97 46 68
Fax : (62 361) 97 34 82