ARMA Dance & Music School

Study opportunities include:
* Balinese dance classes
* Balinese music classes
* lecture-demonstration on Balinese theatre and Balinese dance class
* lecture-demonstration on Balinese gamelan and hands-on music lesson
* lecture-demonstration on the art of Balinese shadow-puppetry and performance of wayang kulit

Classes for individuals or groups are available. The School is also offering Performing Arts Study Programs.
The ARMA Foundation has its own Semaradhana gamelan orchestra which is housed in the Bale Patokan near the ARMA Open Stage. The Sanggar ARMA holds its music practices three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays from 4.00 - 6.30 p.m. Visitors to the museum are welcome to watch these rehearsals.
If you are interested in study opportunities at the ARMA Dance & Music School please telephone 974228 or fax 974229

The ARMA Painting School can organise classes for individuals or groups.

Study options include:
* Balinese traditional painting classes - techniques, theory and practice
* lecture on Balinese Traditional Painting and guided walk through the Agung Rai Museum of Art permanent collection of traditional paintings
* lecture on Modern Indonesian Painting and guided walk through the Agung Rai Museum of Art permanent collection of contemporary paintings
* field trips to arts/crafts workshops or factories, and opportunities for sketching or painting in the field.

The Sanggar Lukis plans to call in guest teachers on a regular basis to give informal lectures, classes and workshops on art history, painting techniques and methods.

The School can also arrange Fine Arts Study Programs for special-interest groups.

For further information please contact Michelle Chin Telephone 974228, 976659 Fax 974229


Participants can enrol in Cultural Workshops on such diverse topics as:

Wood Carving
Your teacher is a master of the art of Balinese wood carving. You will get personal instruction, while you try your hand at it.

Balinese Batik
Learn about the history of batik in Bali and the traditional techniques. Each person will make a piece of batik.

Balinese Architecture
Learn about traditional Balinese architectural techniques and designs, and their symbolic meaning.

Shadow Puppetry
Your teacher is a master creator and performer (dalang) of Wayang Kulit, who will give a talk on the history and meaning of the puppets, as well as a demonstration on the making of puppets. You will have the opportunity to try your hand at it, and learn how to use them.

Hinduism in Bali
This lecture will give you a greater understanding of the ceremonial rituals in Bali and the meanings of the variety of banten (offerings). The making of offerings will be demonstrated, and you can make some yourself.

History of Bali
Your lecturer will provide you with an entertaining and anecdotal history of Bali, that will enrich your holiday in Bali.

Modernity in Bali
This lecturer will enthrall and entertain you with his sharp and humorous philosophies on modern Bali, and enlighten you with his insights into the changes that are shaping the Bali of today.

Traditional Healing
In this workshop you will learn about trance and possession in Bali and the mediums used for healing. Meditation techniques will be demonstrated and taught.

Astrology in Bali
This is a fascinating workshop outlining the Hindu method of astrology. Participants will learn about the history of this form of astrology and find out their Balinese birthday, and its meaning. Your teacher is a well- respected astrologer.

Balinese Cooking
Your teachers are young Balinese women who learned to cook at home. They will demonstrate the art of cooking in Bali. You will make your own lunch, then of course, sit down and enjoy it.

Balinese Games of Chance - Ceki
Your teacher is an expert of the card game called Ceki. If you have ever wondered about this game - here is your chance. Each participant will receive a complete set of cards with instructions and a bag of 'coins' for playing.

What you get...
A high quality cultural workshop, with a folder of informative notes for your future reference.

Additional Options.......
Any of these workshops can be extended into more in-depth programs. Lunch or dinner can be provided. Just ask for a price for your group.

ARMA Cultural Workshops for Children

Designed to educate and entertain children between the ages of 6 to 12 years old

What you get...

A day of fun and enjoyment for your children, while they learn about Balinese arts and culture.
Each program is designed by a qualified teacher, and has many Balinese games to play and songs to sing included during the day.
Tingklik (bamboo xylophone) instruments are available for children to play on at any time. Lunch is a healthy meal suitable for children, and the morning tea consists of a cool drink, fruit and Balinese cookies.

The following workshops will be held for children:
* Balinese Painting
* Offering Making
* Balinese Music
* Balinese Dance
* Shadow Puppetry
* Mask Carving

For further information about our range of Study Options and Cultural Workshops, please contact Cass Edwards or Michelle Chin, Telephone (62.361) 976659, 975742 or 96495 Fax (62.361) 974229 email:

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