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Agung Rai's vision is daring, inspiring, visionary, challenging and broad.
At the same time it is also meaningful, realistic, acknowledges
and builds on the past, and focusses on the future.

The philosophy of ARMA is a strong reflection of its creator.
Agung Rai lives his life as a creative adventure full of exciting possibilities.
He is keenly perceptive of people and the world around him
and insightful about the present and the future.

He is curious and imaginative; energetic, enthusiastic and spontaneous.
He values co-operative efforts and good will.
ARMA exists as a direct result of Agung Rai's love of the arts,
as well as his culture and people.

Agung Rai's philosophy doesn't only impact on the outside world.
This philosophy is well integrated into the whole organisation,
and forms the fundamental ideas around which ARMA is built.

Agung Rai's leadership is characterised by his concern not only for the arts,
but also for humanity. He is adaptable,
seeks harmony and affiliation and leads by encouragement.

The ARMA Philosophy is one of
* consultation
* teamwork
* professionalism
* quality, and
* the valuing of difference

This philosophy is integral to Agung Rai's vision and
has produced not only beautiful buildings, but incredible opportunities for artists,
Balinese people of all ages, and people from an all encompassing diversity of cultures.

Of course, no-one is alone with their dream.
Agung Rai's wife, Agung Rai Suartini, has supported her husband's vision with her own strong characteristics.
She is an excellent administrator who is objective,
decisive and systematic. She values competence, efficiency and results.
Together they model the potential of incorporating and valuing diverse talents, and the synergy of the outcome.

The task of designing a structure for this organisation was
carried out by a diverse team of people, led by Agung Rai and Agung Rai Suartini,
over a period of 6 months. The process used was as important as the final outcome.
Agung Rai insists on consultation, teamwork and quality;
Agung Rai Suartini focuses on professionalism, out-puts and quality.
This valuing of difference, along with a strong emphasis on how the organisation functions, as well as what the outcomes are, resulted in a process of designing the organisation that was a blueprint for the structure, and reflects the values of the ARMA philosophy.

This philosophy is the guiding light by which the staff members carry out their work, and through which the organisation expresses itself.

Friends of ARMA is an association of people who are interested in supporting the on-going growth of the ARMA Foundation.

The ARMA Foundation exists to encourage and enhance the arts in Indonesia.
The funds of FOA will be managed by the Foundation and used to provide a wide range of opportunities for artists from all over Indonesia, as well as maintain a high standard of exhibition of Indonesian art works.

Those who join now, will be founding members of Friends of ARMA, and are offered an incredibly low price for membership.

For those who choose to make this worthwhile commitment to the Arts and Culture of Indonesia, we offer the following:
* Free Admission to the Museum
* Free Admission to Performances at the ARMA Open Stage
* A Free ARMA T-shirt
* An Invitation to all exhibition openings
* Free Admission to all exhibitions
* An ARMA gold pin
* An annual performance and dinner for FOA members
* An FOA membership card which entitles you to 10% discount at:

* ARMA Bookshop
* Kokokan Hotel
* Kokokan Club Thai Restaurant
* Cafe ARMA
* Warung Kopi
* ARMA Conference Venue

These entitlements are offered to those who select one of the following memberships for themselves or as a gift for someone else:

Yearly Membership Rp 250.000

5 Yearly Membership Rp 1.200.000

10 Yearly Membership Rp 10.000.000

Life Membership Rp 20.000.000

For further information, please telephone 974228 or fax 974229

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